Rooms in Różanka.

This is the place where you can meet with your friends, family, as well as experiencing extraordinary quietness and peace strolling on forest ways. Simultaneously admire remarkable corners of the Kłodzko valley surrounded by the Bardzkimi, Złotymi (Golden Mountains), the Bystrzyckimi, Stołowymi (Tables Mountains) and theMasyw Śnieżnika/ theMassif of Snieżnik.

Kłodzko Land

Kłodzko Land is a region filled with unique nature and culture as well as an area with plenty of touristic attractions. The surprising and delightful rock labyrinth in Góry Stołowe /Tables Mountains, out-of-the-way Górach Bystrzyckich/ Bystrzyca Montains, famous shrines, the ruins of an old castle, Churches and caves. All these surrounded by many legends and stories influenced by many different cultures.

Selected attractions:

  • Ski Centre in Sinna and Zieleniec
  • Spa in Długopole Zdrój
  • Tyrol’s development and The Fairy Tales Garden in Międzygórze
  • Shrine of Maria Śnieżna on Igliczna Montain
  • Śnieżnik Kłodzki ( 1425m above see level )

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